Specialized Underwriting:
On-staff Medical Team
Intimate Carrier Knowledge
Multi-Carrier Review
Health History Confidentiality
Track Record of Success
Underwriting Advocacy is an exclusive personal service for high net worth individuals that adds a level of detail, expertise and advocacy to the medical underwriting process of securing significant amounts of life insurance. It employs specialized medical, legal and risk evaluation expertise to confidentially represent, clarify and coordinate the details of your case throughout the medical underwriting process.

Our underwriting provides significantly greater confidentiality for our clients and a proactive approach by our team. Before any health-related information is submitted to insurance carriers that could raise a red flag, we pre-assess, interview and select multiple carriers as each company has a different approach to underwriting medical risks and conditions. Further, when large amounts of insurance are involved, more than one company may be needed to underwrite the financial risk of the policy.

Only after thorough assessment is performed is your information submitted to a select group of preferred carriers. Through your TOLI Group Underwriting Advocate, you control the process and the confidentiality of your information because each carrier receives the same detailed information at the same time. The intended result is that you receive a choice of the best possible underwriting offers.

Case Studies of the impact of the Underwriting Advocacy Process

Situation Analysis:
A 65-year-old man with severe prostate cancer was declined coverage by nine carriers.

After extensive research, our medical staff uncovered a ten-year Johns Hopkins research study with which the home office underwriters evaluating the risk were not familiar. The study shed new light on the client’s medical condition and caused the underwriters to issue the requested coverage.

After securing an initial $20 million policy with one carrier, an additional $30 million of coverage was placed with a second carrier, resulting in $50 million of total coverage with only a three-year temporary flat extra premium.

Situation Analysis:
A major corporation sought a $20 million policy to insure their interests in an internationally-recognized personality who plays a key role in their marketing promotions.

The actor weighs 254 pounds, takes blood pressure medication and was recently diagnosed as diabetic and asthmatic.

In his review and summary of the applicant’s health, our medical team emphasized to home office underwriters the client’s frequent physician contacts as well as the strict control of his blood sugar. This was evidenced by the absence of diabetic complications such as retinal, renal or hypertension.

A $20 million policy was placed with a modest substandard premium rate.
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